Victors announced for inaugural table tennis tournament

19 Sep 2023

In Week 5 of this semester, the Student Life Office and the sports representatives launched the Campion College Table Tennis Tournament. Many staff also competed in this tournament; however, their skills didn’t take them very far!

With over 30 participants involved, the competition was split into male and female divisions.

The grand final of the female division featured Sophie, a 3rd-year student, versus Zoe, a first-year student. The match was tied at 17-17 until Zoe secured the victory, winning 21-19.

In the male division, Julian, a 3rd-year student, faced Anthony, a 2nd-year student, in a very tight match. Anthony took an early lead, up 5-1. It was an even battle until Julian slowly pulled ahead to secure a 21-18 victory.

Both Zoe and Julian have now claimed the trophy, and their names will be the first to be engraved on it!

These initiatives highlight some aspects of what it's like to be involved in the student body community outside of studies, ultimately contributing to a holistic and balanced lifestyle for students.