Was Shakespeare a Catholic? Campion grad gives talk

Angela-Schumann-Shakespeare. Campion College Australia.
Angela-Schumann-Shakespeare. Campion College Australia.
09 Mar 2020

Angela Schumann speaking at Campion's Shakespeare & Popular Culture Conference in 2019.


Campion graduate and Shakespeare scholar Angela Schumann delivered a compelling and comedic talk on "Shakespeare and Catholicism" in Melbourne last week.


Angela, who is completing a PhD on Shakespeare at Monash University, spoke at Theology at the Pub on Monday to discuss the question of whether the English language's greatest playwright was a Catholic.


Angela addressed four major questions in her talk:


  • What's the big deal about Shakespeare?
  • Was he a secret Catholic?
  • What is his relationship to the Catholic tradition?
  • Why should I care?


After graduating from Campion in 2011, Angela returned home to Melbourne to study Honours in literature before beginning her PhD at Monash. Her PhD thesis tackles the hefty topic of confession and self-deception in Shakespeare's plays.


Angela returned to her alma mater in September last year to deliver a talk at Campion's inaugural Shakespeare & Popular Culture Conference.


Angela's entertaining talk was uploaded to YouTube yesterday and is available for viewing below.