A Summer to Remember: Highlights from our 2024 Summer Programs

Summer Program 16 19 Jan 2024 20
Summer Program 16 19 Jan 2024 20
30 Jan 2024

Campion College recently concluded its 2024 Summer Programs, which ran across two weeks in January, each hosting around 40 participants. These programs offered students a unique opportunity to experience life as a liberal arts undergraduate, complete with on-campus living.

Over four fun-filled days, participants were treated to sample lectures in the core disciplines studied at Campion College - history, literature, philosophy, theology and classics. Beyond academics, the participants enjoyed a variety of social activities, with mock Formal Hall, swing dancing and 'Summer Strokes' standing out as highlights.

A special thanks is due to our student and alumni volunteers - Jonathan, Patrick, Michael, Isaac, Reshan, Elizabeth, Edith and Victoria - whose dedication played a pivotal role in the success of the program. Their enthusiasm, guidance, and willingness to share their personal college experiences added immeasurable value to the program. We'd also like to thank Charity Power (Class of 2021), Julian Vieira (Class of 2023) and Madeleine Anthony (Class of 2019) for their words of wisdom during our mock Formal Halls.

As we reflect on the success of this year's programs, we are reminded of the vibrant spirit and the sense of discovery that Campion College embodies. We look forward to continuing this tradition and welcoming new participants in our future sessions. Click here to express interest in joining us at Winter Program.