Campion College Embraces the Parousia Academy for Undergraduate Entry

Campion College Parousia Academy Featured Image
Campion College Parousia Academy Featured Image
21 Nov 2023

Campion College is pleased to announce a new alternative admission pathway into the Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts program through The Parousia Academy. This innovative initiative allows prospective students to apply for entry by completing a minimum of three courses offered through The Parousia Academy.

The Parousia Academy, presented by Parousia Media, is comprised of a selection of online courses dedicated to Catholic faith formation. Each course features pre-recorded lectures, providing students with flexibility in their learning journey while ensuring access to high-quality educational content.

Among the courses available, two are delivered by esteemed Campion College academics: Introduction to Christology by Campion College President, Dr Paul Morrissey, and Introduction to Catholic Bioethics by Dr Jeremy Bell.

“The Parousia Academy provides a fantastic foundation in the rich traditions of the Catholic faith, enabling students to not only expand their knowledge but also nurture their spiritual growth," said Dr Morrissey. "We are delighted to recognise this new alternative admission pathway, which reflects our commitment to acknowledging students from diverse educational backgrounds.”

Students wishing to gain admission to Campion College via this pathway should visit www.parousiamedia.com/academy/ to enrol in The Parousia Academy courses. Students should also pay the assessment fee for each course in order to receive a course completion certificate, which will then be uploaded as part of the standard Campion College application process.

Applicants using this pathway should have completed or be in the process of completing their Year 12 studies, or equivalent.

To learn more about the application process, visit www.campion.edu.au/admission or contact the Future Students Advisor on (02) 9896 9303.