Campion team triumphant in nail-biting volleyball tournament

Volleyball-1-e1654044771389. Campion College Australia.
Volleyball-1-e1654044771389. Campion College Australia.
01 Jun 2022

Ashleigh Mills
Third-Year Student

A team of Campion students was victorious in a mixed community volleyball tournament held at Sydney Olympic Park on Saturday 21 May.

It was a day of great fun and intense competition as more than 20 teams played off in different divisions.

Each game consisted of three sets and each set was played to 25 points. Campion won their first game confidently and lost their second, but the real highlight of the day came with the final game.

Campion was down 11-20 in the first set but thanks to the excellent serving of Oliver Van Rensburg, the team came back to win 26-24.

Campion also came from behind in the second set but lost by a close margin of 23-25, leaving a final third set to decide the winner.

Given the time for playing was limited, the team with the most points at the final siren would be the victors. After a nail-biting six minutes of play, the score was 8-7 in Campion's favour when the siren went off and the team erupted over its one-point victory!

The Campion team was made up of current students Oliver Van Rensburg, Francis Zaar, John-Paul Canavan, Simeon Casey and Ashleigh Mills, past student Keika Nishihara and external students Rachael Gaitau and Nachiket Nalamati.