Career Planning


Career Planning

Campion students and prospective students considering their career options and further study after graduation are invited to discuss their interests with the Dean of Studies or Associate Dean of Studies. The Dean’s Office is able to assist students in finding the most suitable pathways into further studies and careers, based on each students’ demonstrated abilities and career goals.

Campion also hosts a number of career planning events throughout the year. This includes:

  • Postgraduate information sessions – students have the opportunity to meet with advisers from several institutions in Sydney
  • Career nights with Campion alumni – students are able to network with alumni in their field of interest or hear advice about potential career pathways


Career Planning

The links below provide help in planning a career; from finding work areas in industries that match your skills or interests, to understanding predictions about the future of the workforce and opportunities in Australia. Use these to help you think about your future post-study.


Career Self-Assessment

If you’re unsure of what your future career might look like, use these career self-assessment tests for suggestions based on your interests, talents, and experience


My Plan.Com

Open Colleges

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