How is Western Civilisation treated in Australian Universities?

15 Apr, 2021

Our president Dr Paul Morrissey recently sat down with Nick Holt of The Modern Conservative podcast to discuss how Western Civilisation is treated in Australian universities these days, and at Campion in particular.

In the podcast episode, released today, the two discuss how Campion students are encouraged to engage with the great thinkers and debates of the West.

Nick cites an IPA study of many Australian universities which focus more on critical race theory and identity politics in their humanities courses than the study of, e.g. history and literature.

Dr Morrissey describes the free and open atmosphere of learning and debate that is encouraged at Campion, without some of the restrictions on speech and discussion experienced by students elsewhere, and what would happen if a student complained about this.

Dr Morrissey says Campion takes a “common sense” approach to the study of the West in its four major disciplines: history, literature, theology and philosophy.

The two also discuss what the nature of a university is, and what arts degrees ought to focus on.

Find out more about Campion’s Liberal Arts degree here and listen to the episode below.