Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts


The Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts provides students with an integrated understanding of the influences which have shaped the development of human culture, especially Western culture. Students learn invaluable skills such as analysis, synthesis and critical thinking, as well as proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and developing rational arguments.

Campion’s undergraduate degree centres on a core curriculum covering History, Literature, Philosophy, Theology and Science. As the course develops over three years, each of the core curriculum units is taught in such a way that the essential links between them are laid bare and become subject to analysis and critique. In this way, the student is led into a deeper and more incisive understanding of the world in which we live and the necessary interconnectedness of human, social, political and cultural enterprise.

Australian universities do not offer an integrated education in the Liberal Arts characterised by a core curriculum – embracing both the arts and sciences – which all students undertake. Yet such an education is of powerful and enduring value, as shown by the effectiveness of graduates in the marketplace. One-third of the Fortune 500 CEOs, for example, have a degree in the Liberal Arts. In addition, Liberal Arts graduates are recognised for their ability to gain admission to the most prestigious universities for postgraduate degrees as well as strong employment prospects across a range of fields and industries.

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Course Outline

Each unit at Campion College is worth 6 credit points. Students are required to successfully complete a minimum of 144 credit points (24 units) to meet the minimum requirements for the degree, with at least 48 credit points (8 units) at each of 100, 200 and 300 level. 

Full-time students, studying four units per semester, will finish the degree in three years. Time frames for part-time and miscellaneous students will vary. For the first two years, full-time students will study core units in History, Literature, Philosophy and Theology. In their third year, students are required to complete two Science units and six elective units. Students may elect to complete a major by choosing four out of the six third-year electives from a single discipline.

The curriculum is integrated in two ways. First, the units of study in each discipline build upon each other from year to year. The concepts mastered in first year reappear and inform the content studied in second and third year. Second, the disciplines are integrated with each other, allowing students to make connections between them. For example, students learn not only about the times in which Shakespeare lived (history) and what he wrote (literature), but also how theological and philosophical debates of his time helped shape his work.

Mode of Delivery

Lectures and tutorials are all delivered in person.


Tuition fees for Campion College can be deferred fully or partially through FEE-HELP, the federal government’s student loans scheme for eligible domestic students or New Zealand Special Category Visa holders. 

Fees and additional information can be found at  www.campion.edu.au/tuition


Admission to this course is based on three elements:

  • The applicant’s academic background
  • A written statement
  • An interview with academic staff

Graduate Outcomes

The expected educational outcomes of this degree are reflected in the following Graduate Attributes:

  • The capacity to think logically, to critically analyse situations and find responsible solutions to problems;
  • an advanced understanding of the way society has developed and the critical strands of human thinking and activity which have shaped and continue to shape Western culture;
  • an integrated grasp of reality which will serve as the basis of lifelong learning;
  • the ability to adapt to a wide variety of employment and career opportunities because of enhanced and developed generic attitudes such as independence of thought, critical evaluation, research abilities, and communication skills;
  • a well-rounded appreciation of the world in which he or she lives, together with a strong sense of purpose;
  • a commitment to truth, including moral truth, as a sure basis for character development; and
  • advanced writing and presentation skills.

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Interested in a Diploma instead?

Our Diploma of Liberal Arts – Foundations of the Western Tradition allows student to complete just the first year of Campion’s Bachelor degree, undertaking Level 100 units in the core disciplines. 

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