Campion, Santamaria and Pell: Gerard Henderson gives end-of-semester address

St-Edmund-Campion-Dinner-2022-7. Campion College Australia.
St-Edmund-Campion-Dinner-2022-7. Campion College Australia.
28 Jun 2022

Author and and columnist Gerard Henderson gave last Thursday's St Edmund Campion end-of-semester address.

The Sydney Institute director gave an entertaining and interesting speech on anti-Catholic sectarianism in Australia, speaking from personal experience as the child of a Protestant father and Catholic mother.

Dr Henderson focussed on several examples of sectarianism, from Irish Melbourne Archbishop Daniel Mannix in the early 20th century to Bob Santamaria to Cardinal George Pell.

Drawing from his book on Cardinal Pell: The Media Pile-On & Collective Guilt, Dr Henderson presented the former Archbishop of Sydney as a prime example of modern anti-Catholic sentiment and persecution.

"I've listed over 100 journalists and commentators who took part in the Pell pile- on ... and for the record not one of this entire group - not one - has had the intellectual courage to contest any of the views or the facts presented in the book," he said.

Dr Henderson also talked about the influence BA 'Bob' Santamaria had on sectarianism and on the Catholic culture of Australia in the 20th century.

See a gallery of photos below and watch a video of his talk: