Diploma of Classical Languages

The Diploma of Classical Languages complements the Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts. Students who enrol in the course will be able to learn the languages in which the Western Tradition was originally articulated and expressed, and thus access the texts in their original language, free from the interpretations of translation.

Latin and Ancient Greek are far from being ‘dead languages’. They are very much alive in our modern languages and culture. The benefits deriving from the study of classical languages are various,as they enable students to develop a variety of intellectual and practical skills. For instance, how to appreciate the value of and learn from foreign languages and remote cultures; how to engage critically with texts and ideas which stand at the beginning of longstanding literary, philosophical and historiographical traditions, and problematize them; how to analyse and question time-honoured beliefs, axioms and theories, and identifythe origins and trace the genealogies of modern concepts; how to articulate, communicate, and defend one’s own ideas by gaining mastery of the ancient art of rhetoric.

Language is the means by which human beings interact with one another and in which they configure and articulate their understanding of the world of experience. Thus by exploring the way in which a language is structured, one gradually gains an understanding of a people’s worldview and culture.

To apply, please complete the Application Form via the link below and email to study@campion.edu.au. If you require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (02) 9896 9300.

Admission Requirements

This course can only be undertaken on a part-time basis and/or concurrently to a Bachelor course. Admission is on a case by case basis as it will require the student to increase their study load.

Students who wish to enrol in the Diploma of Classical Languages must be:

  • An undergraduate enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts offered by Campion College Australia; or
  • An undergraduate enrolled in a Bachelor course at another higher education institution; or
  • A graduate of a TEQSA registered College or a recognised university.

Units in Diploma of Classical Languages

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