Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts – Course Outline


  • Each unit is worth 6 credit points.
  • Students are required to successfully complete a minimum of 144 credit points (24 units) to meet the minimum requirements for the degree, with at least 48 credit points (8 units) at each of 100, 200 and 300 level.
  • Units of study are specified as 100, 200 or 300 level, indicated by the first numeral in the unit code (e.g. LIT201 is a 200 level unit of study).
  • Students may study more than 144cp in total and/or more than 24cp in any one semester with the permission of the Dean of Studies. Normally students would not be permitted to study more than a standard load in the first semester unless they had an ATAR (or equivalent) of 80; or in subsequent semesters an average mark of 60.
  • 300-level units of study will be offered subject to enrolment numbers (including LIT303, LIT304, PHI303, PHI304, THE303, and THE304).
  • Students may be awarded a Major by completing eight units of study in one discipline.

Level 100 (First Year) Core Units

Provisional students must enrol in STU101: Study Skills + two of the core units listed below in their first semester.

Level 200 (Second Year) Core Units

Level 300 (Third Year) Electives

Students must complete 48 credit points (8 units) at Level 300, including 12 credit points (2 units) of Science, to satisfy the requirements of the Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts.

Other Electives

These units can be taken above-load and do not contribute toward the 144 credit points necessary for completion of the Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts.