THE303: Moral and Sexual Integrity

Key details

Unit typeElective unit
Credit points6
Indicative contact hours3 hours per week
Offered inSemester 1
Tuition feeVisit www.campion.edu.au/tuition


This unit considers human moral development and the integration of sexuality with Christian morality. Human sexuality is considered as an important manifestation of human dignity. Foundational to the course is the belief that sexuality of human persons “concerns affectivity, the capacity to love and to procreate and in a more general way the aptitude for forming bonds of communion with others” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, no 2332)

Learning outcomes

On completion of this unit of study, students will be able to:

a) outline a Christian anthropological understanding of human sexuality, marriage and the role of the family;
b) identify and critically articulate the ethical issues raised by the experience of human sexuality and interpersonal relationships;
c) outline and apply the Catholic teaching on marriage, family and divorce;
d) discuss the implications of Catholic moral teachings for the ethics of interpersonal relationships; and
e) describe the pastoral implications of Catholic teaching on marriage, family and divorce.

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