College Medal Policy

College Medal Policy

Latest Amendment/Approval Date: May 2018

1. Purpose

1.1 This policy is intended to guide the Academic Board in its awarding of the College Medal by specifying the requirements of the award.

2. Scope

2.1 This policy applies to eligible undergraduate students who have completed the Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts.

3. Principles

3.1 The award of a College Medal recognises outstanding academic performance by a bachelor degree student.

3.2 The medal is awarded to a student who has shown highly distinguished merit in completing their degree.

4. Policy

4.1 Eligibility
To be eligible for consideration, a graduand must:

  • be graduating from the Campion College Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts;
  • have completed at least two thirds of the units required for the course as a student enrolled at Campion College;
  • have completed the final semester at Campion College (that is, not as study abroad);
  • have an average mark of at least 85 across all second and third year units studied,
  • have demonstrated that they possess the Campion College Graduate Attributes (see appendix for criteria and table for comparative assessments).

4.2 Nominated Candidate

4.2.1 The nominated candidate for the College Medal is the person with the highest weighted average mark of any eligible candidates.

4.2.2 The weighted average mark (WAM) is determined by assessing the mark (e.g. 68; 73) received in each unit in the course to determine an average. It is calculated using the following formula:

WAM = Sum of (credit points for unit x mark)
Sum of credit points attempted


4.2.3 The final weighted average mark is then rounded to the nearest integer.

4.3 Determining the Recipient

4.3.1 When determining the recipient, the Academic Board will take into account the undergraduate performance in second and third year units in the Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts.

4.3.2 Only units of study offered as part of the BA in second and third year will be factored into calculations of the weighted average mark.

4.3.3 There will normally be only one Medal recipient per year, other than in exceptional circumstances, such as in the instance of a tied result. In such circumstances, however, the Academic Board may choose to take into further account results from above-load units and the candidates’ demonstration of the Campion College Graduate Attributes.

4.3.4 Where no student meets the criteria for consideration, the Academic Board will not award a medal for that year.

5. Roles and Responsibilities

5.1 The Academic Board is responsible for assessing the eligibility of candidates and awarding the College Medal.


Table for comparison of potential College Medallists’ achievement of Campion College Graduate Attributes

Names of students The capacity to think logically; critically analyse situations; begin to discern the main ideas and arguments; and find appropriate solutions to problems The ability to examine and understand primary sources within specific cognitive contexts The ability to define and express verbally concepts and ideas and to present a well-structured argument Ability to organise and write well-structured arguments and essays The ability to adapt to a variety of employment and career opportunities because of generic attributes Interpersonal and teamwork skills appropriate to employment and/or further study A capacity and foundation for further learning


Min = minor contribution
Mod = moderate contribution
Maj = major contribution