Overseas Study Policy and Procedures

Overseas Study Policy and Procedures

Last Approval/Amendment Date: February 2024

1. Purpose

Campion College has a number of partnerships with overseas Colleges and Universities enabling current students to experience study overseas. Through the Exchange Program, students have the opportunity to experience other cultures whilst studying overseas and receiving credit towards their degree.

2. Definitions

2.1 Exchange Program refers to overseas study undertaken at an institution where Campion has an exchange agreement. These are reciprocal agreements where students from both institutions participate in studying overseas. Campion students enrol in the standard Campion subjects and pay tuition fees to Campion, and study units with similar content at the host institution.

2.2 Study Abroad refers to overseas study undertaken at any approved overseas institution, which may include an institution with which Campion has an agreement. Study Abroad is a one-way arrangement where there is no expectation of a reciprocal period of study by a student from the host institution at Campion. The student has responsibility for all Study Abroad arrangements, including liaison with the host institution; payments; enrolment; administrative arrangements; and RPL. Study Abroad students take Leave of Absence from Campion and pay tuition fees to the host institution. As these students are on Leave of Absence, any scholarships held are relinquished (upon return students are eligible to apply and compete for a new scholarship). Studies completed during Study Abroad may be recognised at Campion through Recognition of Prior Learning on the academic transcript (RPL) if the content is substantially the same as Campion subjects. Students taking study abroad are strongly advised to discuss subject choices with the Associate Dean of Studies prior to leaving as RPL cannot be guaranteed. Note that RPL cannot be granted for the final semester of study at Campion prior to graduation.

2.3 Host Institution refers to the higher education provider overseas at which a student is taking part in the Exchange Program or study abroad.

2.4 Home Institution refers to the higher education provider at which a student is enrolled in a degree.

3. Scope

This policy applies to all students enrolled in undergraduate coursework at Campion College.

4. Principles

4.1 The College recognises the value of international travel for the personal and intellectual formation of students and aims to provide students with the opportunity to study overseas.

4.2 The College supports and strongly encourages students to participate in the exchange program and welcomes inbound exchange and study abroad students.

4.3 Units of study attempted overseas must be equivalent in standard and content to be considered as replacement units taught at Campion.

4.4 Student exchange programs are designed to be cost neutral to each of the institutions involved. For this reciprocal arrangement to be effective, the College will take measures to ensure a balance in the number of incoming and outgoing students over the life of the agreement. If there is an imbalance, there is no guarantee that an exchange place may be available at a host institution in any given semester or year.

5. Policy

5.1 Students applying for the Exchange Program must normally be enrolled in a Campion College degree for a minimum of one years’ equivalent full-time study prior to the commencement of their overseas study.

5.2 Students cannot study overseas in their final semester prior to graduation, unless approved by the Dean of Studies under exceptional circumstances.

5.3 The host institution may require students to have a minimum grade point average before approval.

5.4 Students applying to the Exchange Program must be in good academic standing, be of good character, have no outstanding debts to Campion and not be subject to any disciplinary proceedings.

5.5 Results for units completed overseas are recorded against the comparable Campion units as either ‘EXCH’, meaning a unit successfully completed on exchange, or ‘F’ where the student failed the unit overseas.

5.6 Where an exchange involves travel to a country where the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade travel warning is ‘Reconsider your need to travel’ or higher, the College reserves the right to cancel an Exchange Program or place restrictions on students’ participation.

5.7 Students in receipt of a Campion scholarship or bursary are eligible to continue receiving these funds, depending on the type of scholarship or bursary awarded, and at the discretion of the Dean of Studies.

6. Procedures

6.1 Initial discussion must be conducted between the student and the Dean’s Office so that units of study selected at the host institution can be considered to complement the student’s Campion degree.

6.2 Students applying to the Exchange Program must not apply directly to the host institution. Liaison with the host institution is to be coordinated by the Dean’s Office.

6.3 If a student is unsuccessful with their application, the Dean’s Office will make contact with the student and advise accordingly.

6.4 With assistance from the Dean’s Office, the student will prepare any application materials required for study at the host institution.

6.5 If the application is accepted by the host, the student will work with the Dean’s Office to complete any further documentation confirming the student’s enrolment.

6.6 The decision of the Dean of Studies will be final in relation to all Exchange Program applications.

7. Roles and Responsibilities

7.1 Students must seek and follow advice from the Dean’s Office at Campion in relation to their proposed study program.

7.2 Students must be aware that quotas may apply to some units and/or classes offered at the host institution which means that enrolment in their preferred choice(s) may not be possible.

7.3 All travel arrangements are the responsibility of the student, including passports, visas, airfares, transfers and insurance.

7.4 All accommodation and living arrangements are the responsibility of the student; however may be facilitated by the host institution if residential accommodation is available

7.5 Whilst on exchange students must retain a full-time enrolment status at Campion and register for a standard full-time academic load at the host College.

7.6 Students must meet any enrolment requirements imposed by the host institution or those which are related to the visa requirements of the host country, as relevant.

7.7 Any change withdrawal from or addition of a unit of study included in the proposed study program at the host institution must be approved by the Dean’s Office at Campion.

7.8 Any grades obtained where a student enrols in units that have not been formally approved as part of the student’s study program will not be included on the Campion academic transcript.

7.9 The student must provide the Campion Student Administration Office with a copy of their results from the host institution so that final grades can be entered at Campion.

7.10 Students participating in the Exchange Program are automatically considered ambassadors for the College and are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the host institution and its country.

7.11 The student agrees to participate in any College publication, media and events related to the exchange experience once the program is successfully completed.