Residential Code


Residential Code

Latest Amendment/Approval Date: Jun 2022

College accommodation is a unique type of community living that requires careful consideration of others. It demands a willingness to participate, flexibility, and a commitment to guidelines that ensure the safety, security, and comfort of everyone. Additionally, it requires a readiness for independent living and a responsible attitude towards your living and learning environment, as well as towards the staff and fellow residents.

The College accommodation rules work in conjunction with college rules and policies (in particular, the Student Code of Conduct), as well as laws in force in the state of New South Wales.

If you choose to live in the Campion College accommodation, you agree to:

  1. Act in a considerate manner towards your fellow residents and staff.
  2. Take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.
  3. Take responsibility for the security of your own property.
  4. Take responsibility for your actions and admit when you are wrong.
  5. Commit to your own academic success.
  6. Respect the rights and property of others.
  7. Enter another resident’s room only when invited.
  8. Use another resident’s property only with their permission.
  9. Show consideration for shared facilities and ensure they are left in a tidy state after use.
  10. Refrain from using or storing illicit substances.
  11. Refrain from entering the room of a member of the opposite sex.
  12. Refrain from smoking or using incense, candles, or oil burners.
  13. Avoid making excessive noise at any time.
  14. Avoid acting in a reckless or dangerous manner that can potentially cause harm to yourself, others, or damage the facility.
  15. Avoid tampering with the fire safety system or equipment.
  16. Observe the noise, alcohol, and safety instructions of the college.
  17. Maintain your room in a clean, comfortable, and hygienic condition.
  18. Maintain open and honest communication with other residents and staff.
  19. Contribute to the general order and care of the college by not leaving personal items outside your allocated room.
  20. Represent the residential accommodation in the college and wider community in a mature and responsible manner.
  21. Engage in community-building activities to foster a positive living environment.
  22. Accept the diversity of backgrounds and beliefs of other residents.
  23. Report any maintenance issues or safety hazards promptly to the appropriate staff.

This Residential Code is supported by the College’s Student Code of Conduct. A finding of misconduct under the Student Code of Conduct may lead to penalties under the Student Misconduct Procedures, including exclusion from college accommodation.