Tuition Fees

Campion College endeavours to make the liberal arts education an affordable education. With that in mind, Campion College strives to keep tuition fees as low as possible, and comparable with those of other Australian tertiary institutions.


Domestic Students

Tuition fees
$1,995 per unit (6 credit points per unit)
$15,960 per annum (standard Full Time Study Load of 8 units per year)

Please note that as a private institution, Campion College will not be subject to the government’s university fee changes for 2021. The price listed above reflects fees for 2020/2021 and there are no fee increases planned for the foreseeable future, however Campion reserves the right to amend fees.

Amenities fee
$50 per semester

Amenities fees are for the provision of:

  • Tea/coffee/water fountain/BBQ facilities
  • Sporting and recreational equipment
  • Support for CCSA activities (e.g. Debating, Classical Olympics, Theatre Society performances, Campion bus)
  • Health and welfare services (e.g. Chaplaincy, Counselling)
  • College community activities (e.g. Formal Hall, Coffee Club, Study Hall)
  • Careers and Learning workshops and programs
  • Piano and Schola
  • Student newsletter
  • Orientation Week activities


Federal Funding – FEE-HELP

Tuition fees for Campion College can be deferred fully or partially through FEE-HELP, the federal government’s student loans scheme for eligible domestic students or New Zealand Special Category Visa holders.

The FEE-HELP Course Code for the BA is B406.

FEE-HELP is similar to the HECS-HELP loan scheme; students repay the deferred tuition fees through the tax system only after their income reaches a stated threshold. Under current arrangements, higher education students who access FEE‑HELP to defer their tuition fees are subject to a loan fee of 25 per cent. For further information about FEE-HELP and eligibility visit www.studyassist.gov.au/help-loans/fee-help

Please also refer our pages on Scholarships and Financial Aid for information on how to obtain further financial assistance for tuition fees and living expenses.


International Students

Tuition fees
$2,100 per unit (6 credit points per unit)
$16,800 per annum (standard Full Time Study Load of 8 units per year)

Tuition Fees may be subject to change.

Payment of fees
International students are required to pay their tuition fees upfront, before the commencement of each semester.

Tuition fees for International students cannot be deferred through FEE-HELP.
(Note: Some New Zealand Special Category Visa holders may be eligible.)