Excelsia College gives insights into teaching for Campion students

13 Sep 2021

Teresa Florio and Elisha Duckett

The Excelsia College information session provided insightful information regarding the Masters programs for both primary and secondary education.

We were lucky enough to be joined by a multitude of speakers: Dr. Peter Stiles, Dr. Gideon Boadu, Vivienne Webster and Campion graduate Andrea Juanta. Each speaker brought with them an expertise within the area of teaching (early childhood, primary and secondary), imparting on listeners their insightful knowledge. In particular, Andrea provided helpful and practical information regarding the transition from a Bachelor degree at Campion College to postgraduate study at Excelsia College.

The programs offered at Excelsia are an enticing opportunity for Campion students. The Christian college seems to complement the studies at Campion, providing students a Christ-centred environment to study in.

As Campion students studying a broad arts degree, it is easy to be preoccupied with the ‘now’ and less focused on postgraduate studies, if that’s what students want to pursue. The online information session provided by Excelsia assisted in informing us of future career pathways in teaching.

Thank you to Campion College and Excelsia College for such an enjoyable and insightful meeting!